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Business2Sell was established in 2006, and we are now one of the go-to websites for business and franchise sales in Canada. We currently have listings sourced from several Franchisors, Business Brokers and Commercial Agents, and Private Sellers. Our website has been designed to be fast and user-friendly, and we continue to offer a better service to the entire industry throughout the country.

Our continuing aim is to connect business buyers with Franchisors, Business Brokers, Franchisees and Private Sellers. We have helped thousands of people looking for the right opportunity by connecting them to the right business. In addition, we continue to provide business owners the perfect link to Business Brokers or the ability to list their business directly on the website. No matter which province or territory you are from, we will connect you with buyers and sellers across Canada. We also have directories listing companies who offer business-related services like valuations, finance, business coaching and consulting and much more. Another advantage of Business2Sell quality services is making selling a business easier for our clients.

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Information Technology is continuing to evolve at a seemingly supersonic pace in the current age. We understand the changing scenario and have leveraged technological advancements to build a marketplace that helps you find all types of businesses for sale in Canada.

  • We will always be at the forefront of research and development so that our business is technologically current and our clients always stay ahead of the pack.
  • We will constantly strive to find ways to provide a faster, easier-to-use service at an even better value.
  • No matter how much we grow, we will always provide personalised service and exceptional value.
  • It is our continued commitment to offer superior support to franchisors, business brokers and all our clients.

Who Are We?

The Business2Sell Group is an Australian IT success story that has grown to create a global presence. Established in 2006, the Group encompasses our flagship websites Business2Sell, CommercialProperty2Sell, Franchise2Sell and MillionDollarMansions.

We now have branches in New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the USA and most importantly, Canada. The whole Group has been founded on and continues to operate with the underlying principle of providing a superior service that works for our clients.

We offer industry-leading service and value for money that goes a long way in building successful relationships with satisfied customers. We stay committed to giving you a hassle-free experience with exceptional support.

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Business2Sell Canada has partnered with credible business brokers and agents to provide you with the latest opportunities.

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