5 Most Promising Businesses For Sale In Edmonton 2019

The moment you think about Edmonton, two words – cold and oil and gas industry, pop up in your mind. The chilly weather and oil sands project...

  • 5 Most Promising Businesses For Sale In Edmonton 2019
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    5 Most Promising Businesses For Sale In Edmonton 2019

    The moment you think about Edmonton, two words – cold and oil and gas industry, pop up in your mind. The chilly weather and oil sands projects have been the face of this cultural, educational and governmental hub for long. Being the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last few decades with its rising metropolitan population and growth in infrastructure. Also labelled as Canada’s festival city, the region maintains a euphoric charm with its year-long festivities.

    Considered a major economic centre in Alberta, the city had $57.8 billion projects underway in the metropolitan region. Its technology sector has progressed significantly with the city being touted as a leading research and education centre. Many banks and financial centres are located here and many local companies have grown to conquer international markets.

    Its strategic location also makes it a perfect destination for distribution and logistics. Entrepreneurs who have been looking for businesses for sale in Canada are now keen on finding an acquisition opportunity in Edmonton which promises a high-growth environment. Let us take a look at the five most promising businesses for sale in the city in 2019 to make your search easier.

    1. Restaurant For Sale

    Although the Alberta restaurant industry is facing some operational challenges, the eateries in Edmonton have been going strong. The third party delivery apps have helped in increasing sales in the past few years as many working professionals prefer getting food delivered to their homes. Nevertheless, the fast-paced life of millennials has ensured that the dine-out scene remains happening in the country as it gives them the much required break from the daily routine.

    Additionally, the young brigade which is short on time is opting for on-the-go meals including a quick breakfast pick-up or a home delivery of dinner for two. As a result, the full-service restaurant industry is basking in the glory of rising take-out orders as well as social mingling taking place in the comfortable ambience of elegant restaurants. From local cafes to upscale restaurant and bars, every place is swarming with people over the weekends.

    If you too want to become a part of this $35 billion industry, then check out the listing for best restaurant businesses for sale in Edmonton on the link below.


    2. Online Business For Sale

    The e-commerce market is growing by leaps and bounds all across the globe and Canada is no different. According to estimates, there are approximately 26.77 million online shoppers in the country who are shelling out USD 897.75 every year on buying products online. The revenue generated from the retail sector through e-commerce sites reached USD 40 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to USD 53.7 billion by 2022.

    As more people open up to the idea of e-tailing, the trend is catching up and Edmonton is not far behind in cashing in on the latest development. As a business owner, it allows maximum flexibility to work from home and incur minimum overheads which become an ongoing challenge for most organisations. If you want the perfect work-life balance, then acquiring an online business is your best opportunity as it provides you with ample time for family. Click on the link below to find out more information about the online businesses for sale in Edmonton.


    3. Building and Construction Business For Sale

    The building and construction industry in Canada was going through a rough patch until 2018 as the oil prices had affected the economy. However, 2019 brought good news for the sector which has stabilised and is showing an upward trend which is predicted to keep moving up until 2023. Both residential and commercial construction is showing positive signs of growth and the industry clocked revenue of $31 billion in 2018.

    Keeping the trends in mind, the sector is on the path of development and will witness investments in huge amounts in the future. This is the best time to put your money in an established building and construction company and become a part of this flourishing industry. To find lucrative opportunities for building and construction business for sale in Edmonton, please click on the link given below.


    4. Service-Based Business Opportunities

    With the growth of population and diversification of the economy, the services industry has experienced a boom. From retail, transportation and hospitality to distribution, education, healthcare and professional services, the sector has expanded in a big way. Services like warehousing, accounting, communications have advanced with innovations in technology and their demand has risen over the years in metropolitan areas like Edmonton.

    Scientific and technical services are also following suit and have gained momentum with advancements in research and technology. Thus whether you wish to enter the recreational sector or the consulting domain, services can get you high profits in quick time. To find some lucrative opportunities for service business for sale in Edmonton, click on the link below.


    5. Franchise For Sale

    Canada is a franchising hub as it has the second largest franchise industry in the world after the USA. The country is home to over 76,000 franchise units and witnesses the launch of approximately 4300 new outlets every year. The thriving sector has proved to be a boon for small businesses which are operating as franchises. It ensures success for the business owner as you get to acquire an established brand with proven methods, loyal customer base and business model.

    The training and marketing support offered by the head office allows the first-time buyers to settle down comfortably and handle the operations with confidence. Many professionals opt for this option to become their own boss. From apparels and beauty products to groceries and real estate, everything is being sold through franchise outlets and with huge margins. If you wish to own a similar business, then click on the link below.



    Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of riding high on the waves of success. However, with the high number of start-ups failing, investing in businesses for sale in Canada proves to be a smart move. Take note of the best opportunities available in Edmonton to own a bankable venture and make the most of its thriving economy.

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