9 Sales Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Master

Growing sales are the end goal of every business. A decline in sales can lead to a financial cris

... is because it is the source of incoming capital. T...
9 Sales Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Master
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Antoine Fraser
Wednesday 14th of June 2023

Growing sales are the end goal of every business. A decline in sales can lead to a financial crisis because it is the source of incoming capital. Thus, sales help sustain a venture and generate profits. It ensures the products and services stay in demand and continue to get sold. However, with thousands of brands competing for the attention of buyers, it is challenging to achieve the desired targets.

Thus, entrepreneurs need to master nine crucial sales skills that help them influence buyers to purchase their products. Business owners must develop these talents to avoid getting into the trap of overselling or spamming. These abilities help to break the ice and build lasting bonds with customers to attract and retain them.

1. Improve Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Sales are hard to achieve because it requires convincing other people. Thus, entrepreneurs need to work on their personalities and build effective communication skills to make an impression on customers. They must speak confidently and represent their brand with conviction. The body language must align with the thoughts expressed and engage the buyer in a meaningful conversation.

The tone and language must be in accordance with the social and ethnic background of the other person. Maintaining a calm demeanour and a heart-warming smile throughout the conversation is essential. It is vital to make the person interested in your sales pitch with interesting anecdotes, references to topical events and areas of their interest.

2. Listen to Your Customers for Feedback

Conversations happen between two people, so the sales pitch should not be a one-way flow of information. Entrepreneurs must involve the buyers and engage them in sales by determining their needs and aspirations. When they know the pain points and problems of the customers, they can talk about resolving them with the help of their products.

Entrepreneurs who purchase a business for sale in Canada must actively listen to the customers to make them feel respected. It helps build trust and an emotional connection that can lead to conversions.

3. Identify Target Audience With A Buying Intent

There are better ways of increasing sales than persuading indifferent and unresponsive buyers. Entrepreneurs need to speak to the target audience according to their position in the sales funnel. They only need to be informed about the product in the awareness stage, and lead nurturing must begin when they are in the interest stage.

The desire stage is when they intend to buy the product and when the entrepreneur has to present them the final quote and get involved in negotiations. Thus, business owners should know when the prospective buyer has reached the stage of desire and is ready for purchase.

4. Extend An Immersive Customer Service Experience

Customer service is an art. The entrepreneur must have this skill to generate sales. The conversation must be personalised, and the consistency of tone and branding must be maintained across communication channels, such as emails, text messages, phone calls and face-to-face interactions.

Use AI-enabled chatbots and FAQs to respond to queries and send automatic emails on birthdays and anniversaries to showcase your engagement levels with buyers. Regularly update content on the website and provide customers with all the relevant information they need proactively. Use emotional intelligence to deal with different temperaments and personalities and deliver excellent service.

5. Develop Expertise In Your Field

Entrepreneurs must develop in-depth knowledge of their field, business and its products. They should be able to answer all client, supplier, stakeholder and employee questions to win them over. They should talk about the unique selling point of their offerings to woo the buyers and make their products stand out from the crowd.

The sales proposal must be drafted with all the details in advance, and the presentation must be practised to avoid mistakes. Do not sound pushy or overbearing in your speech. Be empathetic and highlight the points that offer value to the buyer to sway them.

6. Provide Product Demonstrations

Product demonstration is an ideal way of making the buyer understand the features and benefits of the offerings. Most new-age entrepreneurs who purchase businesses for sale in Canada use influencers for product demonstrations for the same purpose.

It helps to create awareness about the value proposition and gets potential buyers interested in trying the product. Thus, entrepreneurs can improve sales by using product demonstrations to help buyers make informed decisions.

7. Follow-Up With Customers to Retarget Them

Many potential buyers cannot make up their minds about the purchase decision. Following up makes the buyers recall the attractive products and eventually purchase them. It helps to avoid losing precious sales that could have been forgotten.

In addition, following up helps to improve customer experience and retain them. It improves connection with them and demonstrates the brand’s care towards its buyers. It restricts customer churning and increases sales. Use emails and social media marketing to retarget buyers who abandoned their carts and enhance sales.

8. Resolve Customer Problems At the Earliest

Another way to master sales skills is to work on customers’ problems promptly. Buyers will automatically purchase from brands that meet their expectations and resolve issues affecting them. Thus, a problem-solving approach ensures the buyers are satisfied with the business's services and are willing to purchase from it repeatedly.

In addition, the entrepreneur should be ready to defend the business in case of any client complaints. They should be able to appease disgruntled customers and reimburse or incentivise them to avoid a dispute.

9. Build Lasting Relationships To Cultivate Loyalty

Besides retargeting customers for sales, entrepreneurs must maintain long-term relationships with buyers to turn them into brand advocates. All successful business owners tempt buyers with loyalty programs and incentives like exclusive discounts and gifts for their repeat purchases.

Loyal buyers help in boosting sales by bringing referrals and word-of-mouth publicity that convinces prospective buyers to purchase. Entrepreneurs must leverage the relationship to sell more to loyal customers by cross-selling and upselling.

Wrapping Up

Sales are the most significant element of business operations that help to scale up. Thus, entrepreneurs must have all the desired sales skills to pull customers and make them stay with the brand.

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Antoine Fraser

Antoine Fraser (born in 1981) is a writer and guest lecturer of Masters in Business Administration in different Universities of Ottawa. He was born and raised in Belleville, Ontario and moved to  Ottawa, Ontario, to attend the most prestigious Carleton University. He also holds a PhD degree from School of Management, Branford. The interest of his research has been in the field of small business programming, public policy and small firm growth. He has also published in trade publications with insight from globalisation and finance. His affiliation with Business2Sell is a matter of pride for us. 

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