Canada's Best Places to Buy a Business 2019

Canada is full of surprises that can capture the imagination of well-travelled individuals. From

... soaring snow-capped mountains to jaw-dropping vall...
Canada's Best Places to Buy a Business 2019
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Antoine Fraser
Thursday 25th of April 2019

Canada is full of surprises that can capture the imagination of well-travelled individuals. From soaring snow-capped mountains to jaw-dropping valleys and rivers, the captivating views can take your breath away. Amidst the lush surroundings, you can find a variety of delectable fare and a multicultural society enriched with an artistic flair. The economic freedom score of Canada is 77.7, which makes it the 8th freest country in the world for doing business in 2019.

Being the second largest country in the world, it has several huge metropolitan areas which are highly urbanised. The nominal GDP of the nation peaked to US$ 1.73 trillion in 2018 which makes it an ideal place for establishing businesses. Obviously, many aspiring entrepreneurs are more than eager to acquire an existing business for sale in Canada to leverage its high-yielding commercial sector. If you too are interested in owning a business in the country, then find the best trading hubs in its hinterland to prosper in your endeavour. Here is a list of the best places to make an investment.

1. Ontario

The most populated province of Canada, Ontario is home to the nation’s capital city Ottawa and the highly popular city of Toronto. It is the most promising manufacturing province and accounted for 52% of the total manufacturing shipments in 2004. Its splendid rivers add grandeur and commercial stability to the province. Ontario is involved in the generation of hydroelectric energy, electricity, and has an abundance of natural resources. It is quite popular for car production, agriculture, steel industry and energy. If you plan to purchase a flourishing business here, then it is a smart move to invest in one of its thriving cities.


The provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto is the most populated city in the entire country. The highly globalised city is the centre of all the activity. It is a hub of trade and commerce, finance, culture, media and has a happening art and theatre scene. Employment at businesses soared by 16% from 2008 to 2017 in Toronto. Interspersed with entertainment zones, high-rise buildings, historical sites, picturesque environs, it is of utmost interest to businesspersons as well as tourists. To become a part of this prosperous commercial hub, check out the listings given below for business opportunities in Toronto, Ontario.


Enjoying a significantly high standard of living, the city has a very low unemployment rate and a growing GDP. Ottawa’s most important industries include the public service sector, tourism, healthcare, and technology. The Federal government employs the highest number of people in the city and has made huge investments to improve infrastructure and tourism.

Being at the forefront of ICT, it is also known as the Silicon Valley North. With so much happening within this territory, it is the best land for making an investment. You can find some of the lucrative opportunities for business for sale in Ottawa, Ontario right here.


A popular regional centre with a stronghold in healthcare and education, London is a bustling city in Southwest Ontario. Highly sought-after among travellers, its economy is dedicated to medical research, insurance, information technology, life sciences and manufacturing.

It boasts of over 300 technology-based companies and has many factories which employ a significant chunk of the population. The flourishing retail sector enjoys the popularity of a variety of stores and shopping precincts which offer livelihood to thousands. If this is the area where you want to grow as an entrepreneur, then click on the link below to have a look at the latest businesses for sale in London, Ontario.

2. British Columbia

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia is a densely populated province. It has a diverse economy which is buoyed by the service-producing industries. The salubrious climate and fertile soil make it ideal for agriculture, tourism and recreational activities. It draws substantial economic contributions from resource extraction, farming and mining.

The GDP of British Columbia in 2017 was recorded 282,204 million dollars which makes it the perfect place to realise your entrepreneurial aspirations. The most profitable cities in this province are mentioned below.

Vancouver Island

Located in the Pacific Ocean, this stunning island has a massive population living in its metropolitan areas. Its largest city, Victoria is well-recognised for its progressive IT and technology sector which generates annual revenue of $1.95 billion.

The Island’s economy is largely dependent on forestry, fishing, tourism and consumer food products. With so much happening within this region, you can make a fortune out of your business if you have the passion and motivation. Find the best business opportunities in Vancouver Island, British Columbia right here.


The most popular coastal city in Canada, Vancouver is an integral seaport which has been designated as a Beta Global City. It is one of the biggest industrial hubs in Canada and the port trades with several other countries which provide an economic output of $20.3 billion. Besides the port activities, Vancouver is actively engaged in forest product and mining, software development, biotechnology, aerospace, animation, films, etc. If you wish to try your hands at any of these local businesses for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, then check out the listings here.


The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is always brimming with people and has a booming commercial sector. The most significant industries in the city include technology, education, food products, tourism, and provincial government administration and services. Some of the other prosperous sectors are banking, pharmaceuticals, engineering, architecture, etc. To know about more business opportunities in Victoria, British Columbia, click on the link below.

3. Alberta

The western province of Alberta is an economic powerhouse with its high-growth petroleum industry and flourishing agriculture and technology sectors. The GDP of the province in 2017 touched 327.37 billion Canadian dollars. It has the highest economic freedom in the country. Its merchandise exports, ICT industry, manufacturing, forests products and energy source exports generate billions of dollars annually. Other thriving sectors in the region are tourism, petrochemicals, mining, forestry, etc. If you want to plan your career goals here, then take a look at its most promising cities for establishing a business.


The thickly populated area of Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. It had the highest number of millionaires per capita in Canada in 2015. Offering a high-quality lifestyle to its inhabitants, Calgary is a leading oil and gas producing hinterland. With a growing GDP and low unemployment rate, it has been witnessing a resource boom. Other significant industries in the city are technology, health care, construction, railways, airways, etc. To find the most lucrative business opportunities in Calgary, Alberta, click here


The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is popularly known as the festival city of Canada. It is an educational, governmental and cultural hub and a noteworthy economic centre. Similar to Calgary, Edmonton is engaged in oil and gas and petrochemical production. Besides this, it is a highly developed financial centre and a burgeoning retail centre. It is home to a plethora of shopping malls and independent stores. If you want to become a part of this booming economy, you can check out the latest listings for businesses for sale in Edmonton, Alberta on the link given below.


The charming city of Camrose is located in central Alberta amidst its lush farmlands. The small city has many big offerings and its commercial activity is at an all-time high. The 2018-22 strategic plan aims to attract entrepreneurs to promote its economic development and growing business community. If you want to live and work in this part of Canada, then click on the link below for some fantastic business opportunities in Camrose, Alberta.

4. Saskatchewan

The boreal province is a vast land which is mainly engaged in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. It is the largest exporter of mustard seeds in the world. Mining is another prominent industry which is the biggest exporter of potash and uranium across the globe. Oil and natural gas are other chief contributors to the economy as well as finance, wholesale, retail, education, manufacturing, construction, real estate etc. It is the best time to invest in a business in one of its leading cities and make your fortune grow. Take a look at the best places to own a business in Saskatchewan.


The biggest city of the province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is primarily famous for being the cultural and economic centre of the region. It is chiefly involved in the production of potash, oil and agriculture along with grains, uranium, gold, coal, etc. It has a burgeoning digital media scene and a developing biotechnology scene. It was the country’s number one economic growth spot in 2005. If you wish to set shop here, then check out the listings for latest business opportunities in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, given on the link below.


The capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina is becoming increasingly famous for its economic progress. Similar to other cities in the province, Regina is also known for oil, natural gas, potash, and bentonite. Natural resources, agriculture, manufacturing, steel production, and insurance sector are the other substantial industries in the city. To find more of such successful businesses for sale in Regina, Saskatchewan, check out the link below.


A lovely town in Saskatchewan, Kinistino is blessed with rich agricultural soil and a high employment rate. The chief occupations in the town are sales, management, manufacturing, retail trade, finance, administration, business services, and more. If you wish for an ideal work-life balance, then check out the businesses for sale in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, right here.

5. Quebec

The second most populated province in the country, Quebec is a French-speaking region which is famed for its natural resources and knowledge economy. The province has an open and progressive economy with a growing GDP which represents 20.36% of the total GDP of Canada. Quebec has various promising industries including aerospace, IT, multimedia, software development, telecommunications, paper industry, manufacturing, agri-food sector etc. To make it your business destination, take a look at its growing cities for a sound investment.


A highly populated municipality in Quebec, Montreal is world-famous for commerce, transport, finance, aerospace, technology, education, art, tourism, food, fashion, films and much more. Ranked as the 12th most liveable city across the world, it has the second largest economy among the cities of Canada. If you want to set up your business here, then take a look at the latest businesses for sale in Montreal, Quebec, on the link given below.

Sept Isles

The hub of iron ore companies, Sept Isles is among the largest cities in Quebec. It is well-known for the sporting event Tournoi Orange volleyball championship as well as its IOC activities. The thriving services sector is another industry with the highest number of jobs. To make your mark in the city, you can choose to invest in one of its money-spinning opportunities. Check out the latest listings for businesses for sale in Sept Isles, Quebec, right here.


The suburban area of Greater Montreal, Pointe-Claire is predominantly a residential hinterland which is actively involved in trade and commerce. Its primary industries are retail trade, light manufacturing sector, health care and more. The city has a plethora of business parks and the manufacturing sector is the biggest employer in the area followed by retail. To find out the best businesses for sale in Pointe-Claire, click on the link given below.


The country has everything one can dream of, ranging from beautiful environs to sophisticated industries. Thus if you are planning to own a business for sale in Canada, then you must think about setting your focus on these high-growth cities in the top five provinces.

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