Top 5 Businesses for sale in Calgary

An individual always looks for an existing business as it has a solid foundation and buying such business is always beneficial. Starting...

  • Top 5 Businesses for sale in Calgary
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    Top 5 Businesses for sale in Calgary

    • Thursday 2nd of November 2017
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    An individual always looks for an existing business as it has a solid foundation and buying such business is always beneficial. Starting company from the scratch can be a daunting task. The question is if one has so many options available, which one to choose? Will you consider the business with the best success rate? It is really a gruelling task to find the best one. The certain elements to be considered are market credibility, business authenticity, profitability, the risk involved and so on. In an existing business, you will always find those elements but it is not present in the new one. One important aspect while considering a business for sale is its speciality and how much is it in demand? This will certainly help in identifying the business to buy.

    Business in Calgary is growing at a rapid pace. It has transformed Calgary completely. There are varied businesses available for sale. Opt for the business you are most passionate about. Here are the top 5 business for sale in Calgary.

    Home Health Company

    Location: Alberta - Calgary

    Category: Medical

    Asking Price: $ 150,000

    Sales revenue: $ 700,000

    This home health care company is offering home health and wellness services to the clients. The wide array of services includes homemaking and companionship, personal care, dementia care and nursing and therapy to clients in their home. If you purchase this franchise business you will have rights to all four quadrants within Calgary.

    If you buy this franchise the cost approximately is $50,000 in the form of franchise fees. An additional cost of $100,000 plus is required to begin obtaining clients. The moment you pay for it you will have an access to clientele, staff, processes and systems.

    It has a small office. This franchise is operating successfully in Calgary for last 4 years. They customise the services as per the requirement of the clients. Two staff members are working dedicatedly with the owners. Apart from that, they have 40 part-time on-call staff members who are working as per the instructions. The annual turnover of this franchise business is $700K. The future prospect of this company is good with an ageing population and a shortage of care and facility living. One important aspect is that there are current contracts for home care in place with AHS. However, these contracts are coming up for renewal. But it can be renewed easily.

    For detailed information about this Home Health Business for Sale in Calgary.

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    Automotive Diagnostic and Repair Shop

    Location: Alberta - Calgary

    Category: Automotive

    Asking Price: $ 446,000

    If you are looking for the automotive firm, then your search ends here. This automotive diagnostic and repair shop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment to cater apt services for the patrons. They have been successfully running this business for last 24 years. Since the beginning, they have been selling used vehicles in Alberta. Additionally, for a commercial vehicle, they oversee out of province inspections. As far as the location is concerned, it is well located in SE Calgary on a very busy street. The area of shop comprises 4200 square feet and equipped with 7 bays. Currently, 2 technicians and 2 apprentices are employed.

    You are able to gain revenue in between $800K-$900K. If you are looking for the buy option, the business is listed at $446,000 plus inventory of $19,000. The sale price includes 3 courtesy vehicles and a truck. You can contact Ken Wither at (587) 215-2245 for the detailed information.

    For detailed information about this Automotive Business for Sale in Calgary

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    Online Business- Apps Unloaded

    Location: Alberta - Calgary -All Cities and Suburbs

    Category: Online Businesses, Computer and IT

    Asking Price: P.O.A.

    If you are quite passionate about making an application, then this is the right option for you. You can build your own sales network through selling sub distributorships of smartphone apps. 'Apps Unloaded' has designed such a framework and business plan where an easy and faster smartphone applications can be purchased hassle-free.

    This platform makes the app development fast and easy. Now, even a customer can develop their own app. But if they are looking for the professional app, we can create the app for them. The developing charges are so reasonable that even a professional developer will find it difficult to beat. So, the future prospect of this company is very bright.

    Apps are paving the way for an easy lifestyle. Buying this business means you are at the forefront of new technology. You will have low overheads and higher profit margins.

    For detailed information about this Online Business for Sale in Calgary.

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    Music Store

    Location: Alberta - Calgary

    Category: Retail

    Asking Price: $ 189,000

    This music store is centrally located in Alberta – Calgary. Since decades, they are offering instrument sales, rentals, repairs, and restorations. They deal in a wide range of musical instruments and the accessories for these instruments. The store is spread in 2400 square feet with parking facility. The lease of this shop is expiring soon and the owner is looking for the renewal options. The rent including taxes is $3500/month. Six dedicated employees that are four instrument repair/restoration specialists and two sales/office staff are working. The annual revenue of this store is $700k. The best part is that it increased by 14% over the past 12 months.

    The business has multiple income sources, like product sales, rentals, and instrument restoration and repair. They are earning huge capital consistently by getting repeat business like the purchase for children who have outgrown their instruments and need a larger size. Presently, there are 400 rental units in circulation. You have ample opportunity to grow this business by expanding the rental program and continuing to work with local schools and school boards. If you are interested in buying, this business it is listed at $189,000 plus inventory.

    For detailed information about this Music Store Business for Sale in Calgary.

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    Training and Business Coaching

    Location: Alberta - Calgary

    Category: Educational, Home Based, Training and Business Coaching

    Asking Price: 49,950

    There are many business opportunities available in Calgary but making the right choice matters. You can join the world leaders in B2B training. Their cutting-edge programs, resources & support are completely amazing. Being a part of their business means a long-term stability with high profitability.

    A Brian Tracy International flawless service is available in 18 countries for over 30 years. They are offering impeccable training, coaching and consultancy business for the clients. One can figure out the worth of this business by simply going through the details. This business has low operational cost and higher profit margins. It is a well-proven system. If you buy this business you will have an access to full training packages, market support, consultancy and coaching tools.

    For detailed information about this Training and Coaching Business for Sale in Calgary.

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