10 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be the ‘jack of all trades’ as they have to get involved in a plethora of business activities. Being the...

  • 10 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
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    10 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

    Entrepreneurs are supposed to be the ‘jack of all trades’ as they have to get involved in a plethora of business activities. Being the mover and shaker of the company, they are infused with enthusiasm, which makes them overreach and accomplish their goals.

    However, the road to success is filled with obstacles which can quickly transform into massive challenges if not nipped in the bud. One such problem is being under-resourced, and it can bring stagnancy in the organisation. Running a business is an overwhelming responsibility which makes gaining efficiency a must-have for the smooth functioning of the enterprise.

    Thus generating maximum output and maintaining the highest levels of productivity become the primary goals of entrepreneurs. Various technological advancements have made the top job easier by introducing sophisticated tools for this purpose.

    If you want to purchase a business for sale in Canada, then you must take advantage of these superior resources that can revolutionise the way you function. Here is a list of the ten most promising tools that every entrepreneur should understand and possess.

    1. Alexa Internet

    Different from Amazon Alexa, Alexa Internet is a website traffic analysis site which offers the opportunity to assess the performance of your business website.

    With its help, you can evaluate the traffic coming to your site, check out the top sites in your industrial domain, find page views per million metrics, assess your keywords, evaluate audience behaviour, find out the list of sites linking to your web pages, etc. You can get all this information about your competitor’s website and create strategies to outperform them.

    2. Xero

    We all know the complexity of managing the accounts and finances while running an enterprise. It is a time-consuming task which takes up a lot of effort. Xero is accounting software which has proven to be a boon for small businesses in Canada struggling to manage their finances.

    It helps them to shift their focus from accounting to other significant aspects of business management by saving a lot of time. It can reconcile bank accounts, send out invoices, provide real-time access to financial reports while you are on-the-go and do a lot more.

    3. Canadian Marketing Blog

    Marketing is an indispensable tool that promotes an organisation and builds its credibility in the minds of the target audience. Without adequate marketing, a company is as good as non-existent. Thus an entrepreneur is in constant need of marketing strategies and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

    The Canadian Marketing Blog assists in this regard by offering a wealth of marketing-related information which helps in driving business success. From thought-leadership discussions to consumer insights, you can access a wide range of blogs here.

    4. HootSuite

    The Vancouver-based social media management platform, HootSuite is an incredible tool that allows businesses to manage their social media profiles. You can view all the profiles in one place and schedule posts for the day or week in advance on over 35 social networks.

    It offers all the analytical data to determine how your social media marketing is performing. Its social media listening feature helps businesses to connect with their target customers and engage in conversations.

    5. PayPal

    Online transactions have become secure and streamlined with the help of PayPal, which helps in taking payments for your goods and services. It is being used in 190 markets across the world and trades in 24 currencies.

    PayPal is an intuitive online payments system which allows customers to transfer money online with maximum ease. It can be effortlessly integrated with several shopping carts.

    6. Canada Business Network

    The government of Canada has its own site which provides extensive information about business and industry. From starting a business, licenses and taxation to business grants and finances, wages and subsidies, you will get all the knowledge that you seek at one place.

    You can take advantage of this guide to know about all the aspects of business functioning. It has a plethora of modules on e-commerce, market research, etc., which can prove helpful in running day-to-day operations. So you must keep checking the site for business-related queries and find authentic answers.

    7. MailChimp

    It is a highly regarded marketing platform which helps businesses to forge stronger ties with their target audience. It provides email marketing, ads, customer relationship management and landing pages to build your market and grow your audience. It is one of the best tools to scale your small business and connect to a wider customer base.

    8. Grammarly

    Content is the king in the online world. If you end up making spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your company blog or website or promotional emails, the end-user will be immediately put off.

    An organisation making such mistakes is not perceived as a credible company by the consumers, and there are chances that your emails and blogs will be sent to the trash or stay unopened. So make an impression on your associates and clients by opting for Grammarly, which evaluates content for spellings, grammar and typos.

    9. Evernote

    As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of ideas popping in your mind every minute of the day. You might be reading a lot of information, but your memory of the significant takeaways fades in a few days. So you struggle with keeping all the notes organised.

    For all these problems, you have Evernote - your digital file cabinet. It stores all your ideas, notes, web pages, projects and to-do lists and allows you to keep them streamlined and handy. You can even save voice messages, pictures and videos on it.

    10. LivePlan

    Business planning is an essential part of trading as it helps in paving the way for the accomplishment of company goals. It is the roadmap or the blueprint of the organisation’s working system. LivePlan offers the most comprehensive online tool for generating a one-page business plan, which saves a lot of time and effort. It assists in creating budget forecasts so that you do not exceed the expenditure limit. Also, it has a business management dashboard which tracks your performance and gives information about competitors.


    The digital world offers umpteen tools to create the most formidable arsenal for entrepreneurs. Whether you are an accomplished business owner or are planning to purchase a business for sale in Canada, these ten resources can bring your organisation on track. So get them and save yourself from a lot of stress and unnecessary expenditure.

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