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Global Uinvest Network Agent
Global Uinvest Network Agent Contact Person : Todd Henneberry Address : 27 Swordfish Dr  Halifax 0 Phone : 19022926808
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Global Uinvest Network Agent

Global UInvest Network “GUN” Agent Site is a portal site to allow simple and swift application to business financing through private investors. As this financing is based on the business and not the person applying, you must have an established profitable business you are seeking to expand or, be seeking to acquire an established profitable business.

As mentioned, our site is NOT an official GUN sit, rather a simple informative site, allowing us as official GUN agents within Canada, to offer you an alternative to traditional business financing through GUN. Our application has been refined to allow you the best opportunity for GUN to accept your proposal. There is NO commitment by applying, you are only committed IF you accept the financing offer form GUN, so apply today and see what GUN can offer you and your business today!

If you have questions about GUN or our agent status, or if you are interested in applying for GUN private investor financing today, please visit our site at:


Thank you and best of luck in your business venture(s);

GUN Agent: Canada

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